Monday, April 21, 2014

[Jules] Language Barriers

[Lol this post is so full of unnecessary stuff but whatever I'm so bored I have nothing to do except psych and studying for AP tests which I don't want to think about]


Stupid critical period. I wish I could learn a bunch of languages.

Including Japanese.

I've been such a weeaboo lately. Seriously. I just want to go to Japan and be able to speak Japanese and all that stuff. But it's probably more of a fandom thing than a Japan thing. This all started because of my Root Five obsession. I mean, I never wanted to go to Japan so badly or learn the language when I was just into Gintama. Because you can't meet Gintama characters there.

But Root Five has concerts and tours and fanmeets and a fanclub coming out in May. I signed up for the fanclub newsletter but I don't think I can join the actual club because I don't live in Japan. And even if I did join, it's not like I can enjoy all the benefits and whatever since they're all in Japan. Actually I have no idea what kind of benefits there will be.

Okay why am I talking about Root Five? I'm trying to talk about language barriers!

During the summer after seventh grade, I went to Korea and bought Japanese learning books at Ewha. I know, I bought a Japanese learning book in Korea. So the explanations are in Korean. But it's colorful and full of cartoon pictures so I like it. I learned hiragana (my mom even tested me lol) but didn't really bother with katakana. And I couldn't really learn the grammar points if I didn't know how to read. So I gave up.

...Except a couple years later, I found that I memorized katakana too.Without trying. Because I just saw it everywhere. I'm pretty sure the first three I learned were te, ni, and su because of PoT.

I didn't memorize everything, but a lot. I still don't know all of katakana, and I can't write them out, but I can read it and understand what it's saying.

So yay, I can read Japanese, sort of. Stupid kanji. I only know like watashi and kimi and kokoro lol. And nama (because of namahousou).

But I don't know Japanese! I act like I know so much because I can understand what they're talking about (sort of), but I don't think I even know how to say basic stuff you learn the first month of learning. Like how to order food. Uh.... (insert food here) kudasai? And most of the stuff I know is probably slang. Or inappropriate.

Anyway, my point is that I want to learn Japanese because it'll make my life so much easier. And I need to learn another language, since I dropped French. But not right now because of tests. In the summer. I know I won't learn much, but I just want to know the basics. Like grammar stuff, because all I know is random vocab and don't know how to form sentences. Plus I need something productive to do over the summer, now that WE'RE FINALLY FREE.

tl;dr I want to self-study Japanese over the summer so my inner weeaboo fangirl can grow.
Seriously. Do you know how sad it is to know that Pokota is reading comments during a livechat, and all you can say is "wwwwww" and "8888888888" and "おおおおおおお" and "あああああああ"??

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

[MR] Kagerou Project/Mekakucity Actors Wallpapers

Idk I like Shaft's style sometimes and not others. We'll see with this.

So I have a folder on my comp with like 100 (anime) wallpapers and a LOT of them are Kagepro... Woah I don't even bother with finding actual wallpapers anymore. I just get big pictures lol
In honor of Mekakucity, here are some of the best!
P.S. These are like all fan art and mostly from zerochan (and everyone knows they steal from pixiv) HAHA so true

My screen resolution is 1366 x 768


This one's cool

Not a fan of the art style, but the pixel thing is cool Ha opposite for me. I like the art style but think the pixel thing looks messy.

This one looks super cool

Personal fave

Another fave!!


This one is kinda depressing

I promise this one would look cool

Mine cuts off the bottom half, but an amazing pic anyways This one's awesome.

Cute, but what are they doing haha? Seto's looks like a condom

I like this one, and it's got a texture(?) that makes it look like a screen


Depressing AF... also not really sure who that girl is because it's not Hiyori? Oh is this the one you keep showing me about the cat that got run over or something

I think this gets smushed a bit

Cool concept, bit confusing as a wallpaper LOL XD


But this one's cute too. Gets smushed a little


Cuteeee but super colorful, maybe if you have too many icons this looks cray cray

Omg why didn't you say anything about this one it's probably my favorite ahhh i love the outlining and the colors

I got this one as a joke but I couldn't resist. Works surprisingly well as a wallpaper Kaito is that you? Ha Madoka XD

Pretty... all the Ayano ones are

Zooms on their faces but very cool

More subtle design I guess.. Cuts of the bottom a bit

Also, zooms on the mid a bit and is a bit pixely, which is a shame

I like the colors and art style but it's a bit too much for some desktops

I really like this one

Super cute reimagining of Kano, Kido, and Seto

Sorta minimalistic Kagerou Daze wallpaper

Cute and fun lolol

BONUS: Super cute Isshuukan Friends fan art wallpaper! Seriously, go watch it, it's painfully cute

Yeah okay so I think these are the really good ones... I might delete ones I suddenly realize are actually bad lololol

What the heck you're so passionate about your wallpapers XD This is the one I have right now. It gets kinda pixelated though because the picture isn't that big

Monday, April 07, 2014

[MR] How to Kick Ass on the ACT

So this is my first ACT and I haven't done as many practice tests from the official ACT book as I should have (so 0), so I can't really say much. So far, I actually like the SAT more just because it's what I'm used to and I've done a billionnnn of those practice tests and problems.

Thankfully though, unlike the SAT which is pretty much a game trying to trick you into a future of failure, ACT is straightforward and predictable. However, it's super pressed for time. I'm a pretty fast tester, but ik you aren't haha (you're always late to turn in your psych benchmarks). BUT THERE'S NO PENALTY FOR WRONG ANSWERS YAY
Time to pretend a weekend ACT class made me an expert!

-75 Questions - 45 Minutes (that's like 36 sec/Q)
-5 Passages - 15 Questions each (Informal style, 1st person POV, "relates to real life")
-2 types of Qs - Grammar (ez pz) or Rhetoric & Organization (passage as a whole, editing passage)

15 Types of Questions
  1. Tense
  2. Subject-Verb Agreement
  3. Pronoun Agreement
  4. Dangling Participles and Misplaced Modifiers - (descriptive phrase), (subject that should match phrase) or changing placement of a word that changes the wrong part of a sentence (Place after ___).
  5. Parallel Structure
  6. Commas, Semicolons, and Dashes - dashes always in pairs
  7. Who/Whom - Who = subjective, with verb / Whom = objective
  8. Apostrophes - its/it's, possession
  9. Comparatives and Superlatives - short, shorter, shortest - How many things are being compared?
  10. Idioms - weird word/preposition pairs that just are how they are ("intimidated BY") - Go with what sounds right, since they're common phrases
  11. Relevance - (R&O question) ex: omitting sentences that doesn't follow the topic of the passage
  12. Paragraph-to-Paragraph Transitions - context - shift in view?
  13. Logic and Coherence - reordering paragraph to make more sense
  14. "The writer is thinking of revising.." - revision is given, what would change if it was revised?
  15. Two-Part Answers - 2 Yes options, 2 No options
3 Traps:
-Overlooking words like LEAST or NOT - they are capitalized, but you skip over them when you're rushing so read the whole Q Lol I do this too much. But I usually catch myself.
-Overlooking redundancy
-Overlooking context

-60 Questions - 60 Minutes 
-5 answer choices instead of 4 like all other sections
-Questions get progressively harder unlike other sections

ACT math covers harder topics, but the questions are straightforward And it's so boringgg omg I wanted to die
  • 14 pre-algebra Qs
  • 10 elementary algebra Qs
  • 9 intermediate algebra Qs
  • 9 coordinate geometry Qs
  • 14 plane geometry Qs
  • 4 elementary trig Qs
-If it seems long, there's probably a shortcut
-Use your calculator carefully - PEMDAS
-Plug & chug for variable questions
-Know when to give up - no penalty for wrong answers so guess and move on (only 1min/Q!)

- 4 Passages - 40 Questions - 35 Minutes (ughh)
- Always 1 Prose (story excerpt), 1 Social Science (history or something), 1 Humanities (art or something), 1 Natural Science
-No ridiculous vocab (SAT sucks for having dumb vocab I lost so many points bc of it)
-2 Types of Qs - Reference (usually line refs or "according to the passage") or Reasoning (inference, ew)

This would actually be an easy section... IF THEY GAVE YOU ENOUGH TIME! Reading the passages takes FOREVER .-. Godspeed. Seriously the questions are so easy (like directly from the passage, unlike the SAT where you have to avoid the answers that take words from the passage) but they only give you 35 mins ugh. Same for science. I randomly guessed on so much of the science lol. Okay, semi-educational guesses but still.

-Annotate! Seriously. Otherwise you have to reread everything to answer Qs.
-Save the hardest passage for last - again, you can always guess. I'll probably do Prose last, hate it~
-Do Reference questions first - it might help you understand the passage for Reasoning Qs

(This really isn't a Science section, it's more of a Graph Reading section)
-40 Questions - 35 Minutes
-7 sections, 3 types of sections
  1. Charts & Graphs
  2. Lab Reports
  3. Conflicting Viewpoints
-just glance at Charts & Graphs first - ignore diagrams and look at axes of graphs to understand the trend (maybe label the trend, like "inc temp, inc volume" ((but more like [up arrow]T, [up arrow]V)))
-no calculator means like no math - understand the trend. Increasing or decreasing? Doubling or cut in half? 
-for Lab Reports, there are different experiments so the variables were changed - note the variables
-for Conflicting Viewpoints, they usually disagree about either Cause & Effect or Sequence of events
-CV passages are kinda long so annotate hypotheses and differing views
#1 tip: lots of the info given isn't important, so just understand the trend then attempt the Qs - save time

(They fucking lied when they said optional! Most colleges want the essay. Some won't even accept your ACT without it!)
-30 minutes (and since it's at the end you will probably want to cry by then)
-Specific questions relating to high school life - personal examples (totally diff from vague SAT questions about honesty and whatever, that need lit/history examples) EX: Should high schools have a dress code?

Like SAT, there are 2 graders who get like a couple min to rate it 1-6, total score out of 12. Unlike SAT, you actually get some feedback for next time. There's actually an official rubric, too.
IMO it's closer to EAP though, since it's personal examples n stuffs.
Idk, they just want the usual 5 paragraph essay so.. here's a checklist? Hahahahaha I wrote two body paragraphs and wrote like a sentence for my conclusion. It took me forever to come up with examples. I think I used JLC for one, and the other one I don't even remember.

  • Intro shows understanding of prompt
  • Thesis takes clear position and previews your 3 examples
  • Body paragraphs have transitions and specific evidence
  • Counterargument - not necessary but impressive
  • Conclusion doesn't copy intro - compare and contrast the examples used and how they prove the thesis
  • Some correctly-used vocab - not necessary but impressive
  • Sophisticated transitions and varied sentence structure
  • Legible handwriting
  • Length - ACT gives you 4 pages
  • Use different examples - 3rd paragraph can be counterargument (this argument for the other side is wrong)
  • Show "Complexity of Thought" - counterarguments, addressing the bigger impact in the conclusion
...Okay sure. That's all I got.
I mean, there's always retakes.
And practice tests help a lot.

May the force be with you

Ha I love your testing posts because you make it much more easier to understand than a prep book or something, since they're so simplified and colloquial. I'M SO SCREWED FOR SCIENCE THOUGH. Like. I can't read graphs. I'm sooo not an analytical/logical person. It sounds stupid because who can't read graphs, right? But I just suck at finding trends and patterns. Which is why I'm also screwed for the math test today ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Monday, March 31, 2014

[MR] April Fools! Black Tea (Pepper) Cookies

Okay so I said I was gonna make cookies and so I did except I wanted to make them more interesting for April Fool's.
So ofc I made them gross.
Well ofc I couldn't make them ALL gross cuz that's way too obvious! I think somewhere from 1/5-1/4 is gross cookies. I can't tell the difference.
Russian Roulette, let's go.

I made black tea cookies, using a super simple Earl Gray Cookies recipe from CookPad (Japanese recipe site, they have an English version with a bunch of the recipes translated). Like I was wayyyyy too lazy to make proper cookies.
They're really basic cookies with just a few ingredients... a bit plain but I like em.

After I made the dough, I divided it into fifths and added 1/4 tsp black pepper to 1/5.
The pepper blends in REALLY well. With the dough, you can kind of tell that the pepper dough is more grey and speckled, but once its baked, it's like a free-for-all.
I have no idea if that amount of pepper was good or too much....

I tried one of the pepper ones. OH JESUS CHRIST THIS WORKED SO WELL LOL. The pepper left kind of a weird spicy feeling, though I can't say it was gross like something that tastes really weird.

I'm kind of excited? I never do April Fool's, and I want to see what happens.
IMO, this is harmless, and they can always spit it out so I don't think its mean.

PLUS they all got mixed up and I can't tell them apart and I hope I don't get a bad one hahaha.

I will see you tomorrow, and may the force be with you.

P.S. EEK! Ingrid is going with Ryan! <3 No official ask yet, but they agreed on it ;)

EDIT: Okay they KINDA agreed on it. I'm not sure. I hope. 


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

[Jules] Living in Korea...Again

Okay, first of all. Your post on Ingrid. I totally get what you mean on the part about stealing parts of you, but the doppelganger part was really, uh, morbid. o.o the doppelgänger thing wasn't a real thought about her, It was just something I remembered from horror manga And I don't agree that you have to love someone in order to hate them because the few people I hate...I don't think I love them. Or like them. I'd want to rip off their faces. Fine, maybe not rip off their faces. I don't really wish harm on anyone (anymore). But I still hate them. It does make sense though, since I do find myself hating a lot of the people I love.

Also, I don't get why people say not to use the word "hate" because "it's a strong word." I'm using it because it's a strong word, duh.

Onto Korea.

I was thinking about how I might want to live in Korea and be an English teacher and thought, "Wait, didn't I blog about this before?" And I did. Almost exactly a year ago. Probably because March is when you think about course selections and what to do with your life and stuff.
(MR: I told you we write about the exact same things at the same times) 

Last year, I also wanted to attend college there. Now I think that's ridiculous because I want to major in English, so why would I want to go to Korea? It makes sense for Selena to go to Japan since she wants to go into animation. But I only wanted to go to college in Korea because I like Korea, you know? And Ewha's campus is so awesome. It was surrounded with clothing stores and accessory stores and ETUDE HOUSES and awesome food places and yeah. And the campus is cool in general. But it's not like I know anything about the academics or anything.

I still might want to be an English teacher there, though. Teaching is probably the only job I could do anyway lol. I could probably get a job there since I'm a Korean citizen anyway, and grew up in America. And maybe I can actually make a (tiny) difference, since Korean kids are sooo...repressed? Korean society is so messed up when it comes to students. I remember once I got an award for creativity (I didn't actually deserve it because I used my mom's idea lol but that's not the point), and everyone was like "Oooh, which one did you get?" And when they saw it was the creativity one they were like "Oh, it's just a creativity one." The only one everyone wanted was the academic excellence one. Which tells a lot about Korea, you know?

Anyway, the point is that I might live in Korea. It seems much simpler to live there, since everything is so close and the technology just makes it so much easier. And I can be with my family. And extended family. And Etude House. 

But who knows? Maybe I'll meet a guy there, and we'll move back to America so our children don't have to grow up in Korea. Or maybe I'll completely change my plans while I'm in college. It seems like no one follows their original plans anyway.

I don't knowwwwww what I'm doingggggggg with my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
(MR: true that)

Oh wait. I still haven't given up my dream of becoming a fanfiction writer.
(If bloggers just blog about their lives, can't fanfiction writers make money off of ads too? XD)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

[MR] Journals and Jealousy

I think you've been dominating DDB lately, and even tho I have hw, I will be posting~
NOTE: HEAVY POST when you get to the "other thing" part.

I was talking to Ingrid about some personal stuff she finally told me (and honestly even though I know she didn't do it on purpose, it made me feel like crap. Maybe I'll explain later?), and she said she used to keep a journal in MS. Not like a DIARY that's all feelings, but a JOURNAL with things she did everyday. Like today at the community center, we drank warm lemonade (LOL).

I never kept a journal, because I knew I wouldn't keep up with it (I don't even keep up with DDB). But also because I thought nothing interesting ever happened? Like by the time I get home I forget everything about my day.
DDB was my journal. I went back and read lots of old posts and it's interesting how much I changed, and how much I haven't. All the stupid little things I thought were funny were hilarious, and made me all nostalgic and maudlin lol.

There were little things I would have completely forgot if they weren't on DDB. Even major things, I just remember the basics because my memory SUCKS.

I'm super jealous of Ingrid. Her memory is better than mine. It actually made me cry the other day tbh...
So in 7th/8th grade, my dad was home and he picked me up from the lib. I was on the comps with Homura and Ingrid having a blast when my dad came. Then in the car he started interrogating me about Homura. LOL like who was that boy, how long have you known him, is he nice, is he smart... It was SO FUNNY and to date is like my fave memory with my dad.
Right after it happened I told Ingrid because it was funny.
A while ago I reminded her about it and asked her if she remembered, and she said yeah and she remembered specific questions I told her he asked. WHAT. I couldn't even remember those questions.
I got super upset and jealous cuz I felt like Ingrid took something precious from me, even though it wasn't her fault and I was the one that told her... It just didn't feel special anymore, yknow? ugh.

Ingrid's always been able to remember little moments while I had nothing... so I just got really sad.

I also had another thing I wanted to blog about but I forgot so whoops, -1 post.

Anyways, about old DDB posts.. Omg we changed a lot. I read the old course selection posts, the old new year posts, things that weren't long ago but I completely forgot. Even just the way we think about things is different.
But at the same time, we're totally the same??? Our personalities and our outlooks and even the things we found important enough to post LOL.
I mean it sounds totally contradictory, but we've changed and we haven't.
I JUST REMEMBERED THE OTHER POST I WAS GONNA WRITE because it was partially a result of a few old DDB posts! LOL ok

Well okay I have another thing I want to talk about, about Ingrid.

Ingrid's very existence has become threatening to me. Like that's weird and crazy, I know, but the best analogous situation I can think of is when someone else likes your crush, but they're 125932x hotter than you.
Except in this case, she's not just hotter, she's just better than me in every way. Ugh.

Ingrid and I have always been really similar in our tastes and our humor and everything which is great bc we're like best friends and we spend too much time with each other. But it wasn't until we started sharing our deeper thoughts and feelings that the similarity hit me.
We both view the guys the same way, feeling awkwardly on the side, but also envying the other for being "closer" to them. We also envy each other academically, for Ingrid it's more like her extracurriculars and hardworking personality, and for me I guess how things just make sense. Also I have a higher SAT score, but only by 30(?) points...
The things we like are the same. Like ok great we have common interests. But to me, it's becoming a competition for the things I like. Which doesn't make that much sense (rationally, I mean. It makes sense to me, I'll try to explain in a bit). We think the same things are funny, we think the same actors are cute, and I recent converted her to some of my music. I showed her Marianas Trench and she got pretty into it (cuz the lead singer has amazing vocals ahhhh). So the music thing, yeah I brought it on myself, but at the same time... it feels like she's intruding on my life.

To me, it feels like she's swooping in and taking all the things that were mine. Which isn't true of course, it's just due to my perspective of how those thoughts and feelings belonged to me.
Which they don't because I've literally spent half of my life with her.
But I just. I feel like all the things that were mine, that were special, that I had a monopoly over... just aren't. My life has been a lie. (It's also been a lie because she's been lying to me about a big thing that I like as well for like 5 years. Which also makes me question my existence, because this means she's a better liar than me, even though I always thought. Welp even if she's this and this, I guess I'm a better liar than her...)

So I love her, but I hate her.
I guess to truly hate someone, you have to love them first. Sure there are people you think are annoying and dislike, but to really hate someone's existence is a more personal thing.
Which I can't explain, but I hope you get it.

I just realized, but all these feelings are kind of ironic. In 4th/5th grade, I hated her, and I just remembered why.
I felt like she was stealing all the friends I really liked.
HA. I'm laughing and crying. Destined to love her and hate her.

Do you remember the legend about doppelgangers? That when you see your doppelganger, you die.
Because they kill you and take your place.
But since they are you, are they taking your place, or was it their place?


P.S. I feel better after getting that off my chest.

P.P.S. Now everything she does that's remotely similar to me frustrates me. Like I just said to the group chat (she didn't see it. actually no one did they're all ignoring me.) that I had 0 motivation to work and wanted to take a nap. Then she messaged me saying that she didn't want to work and was gonna take a nap. UGH nooo.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

[Jules] Dramatic Dreams

I'm listening to Dramatic Dream by Pokota, my latest utaite obsession. He was my obsession for a while now, actually. I WANNA MARRY HIM. I can bore you with all the reasons why he's so perfect but blah blah blah, I know you don't care.

It had me thinking about how people approach famous people on the internet. Like, Mike sent Xiaxue an email, and they ended up getting married. Marzia commented on Pewdiepie's videos, and they live together now. So there's at least a chance for a fan to connect with someone they like online, right? But how does that even work? Mike sent an email about how short girls are better than tall girls, and they ended up talking to each other. Marzia, I forgot what she said, but I guess they ended up talking to each other too?

Then I started reading Cheesie's blog. I spent maybe seven hours reading her posts wth blogs are so addictive. And I stumbled upon a post talking about a guy who wanted to marry her. He was serious, too, sending her long emails all the time. If you want to read it:

Wow, this guy did it so wrong. I mean, since I was thinking about the whole approaching people on the internet thing, I thought about how people would probably come off as creepy/stalkerish/ingenuine (I know ingenuine isn't a word but let's pretend) if they immediately showed romantic interest. Mike was pretty smooth, and even Marzia probably made friends with Felix first.

Okay poor transition but I wanted to talk about Cheesie and Japan in this post so yeah.

I knew about Cheesie probably since I started following Xiaxue, but I never really read her blog. But I finally did, since I was curious about how she was living in Japan when Xiaxue and Qiuqiu went. Because I thought she was from Singapore. It turns out she's from Malaysia, and she recently moved to Japan after she got married. I think. Anyway I freaking love Cheesie. She has some of the brutal honesty that Xiaxue has, but she has her own, different humor. Cheesie tends to be more punny, and less vulgar I guess? Xiaxue tends to be more open.

Anyway the point is that Cheesie makes me want to live in Japan. She makes it sound like heaven omg. Except for when she went into a porn theater. That sounded traumatizing.

If I lived in Japan, I could go to concerts and shop at Liz Lisa and eat convenience store food. And possibly run into Pokota and ask for his signature. But the paper would actually be a marriage certificate, and I would cover up the rest of the certificate so he doesn't know. And by the time he signs it he would have already agreed to marry me muahahaha.

....we were actually talking about that, the whole marriage certificate thing, in Korean class today. Because we were talking about fans who meet celebrities. And someone actually tried doing it.

You have to admit though, it's a pretty good idea. Even though they can immediately divorce you.

Okay, I better do my homework now. What am I doing omg I still have math and psych. I can't even think properly, which is why this post doesn't make any sense. I don't even know why I wrote this. Probably just to procrastinate even more.

I had a phase in my life where I read lots of Cheesie. I like her sense of humor, but was too lazy to follow her. Also, her posts are LOTS of pics ha XD
Other people make living in Jp or other places sound amazing. Maybe just cuz we're suburbs kids but can you imagine walking across the street to go somewhere? Or catching the bus to nowhere? Here, the bus doesn't even run on weekends. .-.

Yeah so the couples who met online just sounds like a lame thing. Like glad it worked for them but I still think its kinda weird! 

You will never marry Pokota. I don't listen to him. I should start, but I haven't been into utaites lately.