Saturday, August 09, 2014

[Jules] My Glass Noodle Story

A cautionary tale.
Once upon a time, Julia was eating dinner. It was Korean glass noodles! She was glad because she was watching her figure, and assumed that glass noodles were just like konnyaku, which has close to zero calories. Glass noodles and konnyaku are both made from potato starch, so they should be the same, right? Or at least similar.
After she ate like three cups of glass noodles (and beef and veggies), Julia was full. Really, really, really full. She looked up the nutrition facts of glass noodles, still naïvely expecting the article to talk about how healthy and low calorie glass noodles were. So, of course she was shocked when she found out that SHE CONSUMED 1500 CALORIES AND 120% DAILY VALUE CARBS.
Oh my goodness. Why. Why. Why. 1500 cal is like a day's worth of food for someone living a sedentary lifestyle like me. I was just eating the glass noodles...and had seconds...I don't even like glass noodles. I just wanted to use up my sriracha sauce, and glass noodles go well with sriracha sauce so...
Ugh. A cup of glass noodles is more than twice a cup of white rice. That's ridiculous. I really couldn't understand why glass noodles were so carby when konnyaku isn't at all, so I did some research. I found an article in English describing how konnyaku is made, but couldn't find one on glass noodles. So I searched in Korean. And there was almost nothing on how it was made. A lot of peoplr must have Googled "how are glass noodles made" (in Korean) because it was autofilled for me. But the closest thing I found was a couple of sentences on a page like Wiki Answers. The answer wasn't even spaced and it was just confusing. I don't get it. Why are glass noodles 500 cal per cup when konnyaku is 0?? I think it might be because konnyaku uses water or something? Both use dried potatoes to make into a powder to make into noodles/konnyaku. WHY ARE THEY SO DIFFERENT?
Moral: Don't assume.
I'm drinking green tea right now, hoping it will help me digest or boost my metabolism or whatever.

I do this thing where I read the nutrition facts while I'm eating cuz I'm bored.
Also you shouldn't eat until you're really full!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[MR] My phone just died.


I'm fucking pissed.

I was using my phone like normal and all of a sudden it crashed. Like okay... nbd it's happened before, it turns back on by itself.
But when it was trying to turn back on it died again. And again. And again.
Stuck in a never ending loop of restarts. Dude the same thing happened to my sister's guys both have the 4s right
(What is this, Kagerou Daze???? Girls Go Around????? ((Kagerou Daze is a song, part of KagePro, where a boy repeats a day over and over to save a girl. Girls Go Around is a manga with a similar theme where people repeat days to fix their regrets.)) I'm gonna cry.)

I got it to shut off by holding thing sleep and home buttons at the same time, then I held down the home button to get it to go to Restore Mode (shows the cord and the iTunes logo).
So from there all I have to do is connect to iTunes and reset my phone to factory settings (which already sucks bc you lose data, or maybe you have it from the last time you backed up your phone, but I never sync my phone lolol regret), right? Ugh that happened to me before. It was so sad and made me hate Apple.

When the phone is in the middle of resetting, the Apple logo turns red and it crashes again, then restarts and goes to restore mode.
My phone is fucking possessed by an Apple-hating ghost.

UGHHH. SOOOO ANNOYED. I can't live without my phone okay this SUCKS.
I have to take it to the Apple store ASAP and maybe they can reset it to factory settings and I can keep my phone for a little longer?

Background: I have an iPhone 4S that is 3.5 years old. Anyone who blames this crash on age is wrong okay 3.5 isn't old my phone is in the prime of its youth. Other phones are just replaced quickly :(( But doesn't Apple make it so the older phones stop working so well after new ones come out
I didn't renew my phone at the 2 year mark since it still worked just fine and I didn't really need a new one

But I might have to get a new one. Which would be bad timing since its before anything interesting comes out!!

Dude that sucks, I can't live without my phone...I think you should get a new one though. My iPhone 4 stopped functioning properly and I had to get a Galaxy. But for a few weeks I had to live with my crappy iPhone, which crashed whenever I opened any app. There's an Apple conspiracy I tell you. Probably gonna get a Galaxy S5 in a few months


Sunday, July 13, 2014

[Jules] Crap That No One Tells You About College Life

Because you only realize what people never tell you when you go to college and experience it yourself. I'm not in college yet, so obviously I can't talk about college  classes and stuff. But I think I should remember these things when I actually go into college.

1) Periods
Pray that you won't get your period during your HEAT program. Because it sucks.

Period blood + bedsheets = wtf do I do?! sleep with a towel under your butt! not kidding lol
You can't bring your sheet to the bathroom sink, because people are in there and they'll see what you're doing. And yeah, we're all girls, blah blah blah, but it's always embarrassing.

Stained underwear isn't that bad because (tip) you can bring it with you to the shower and wash it there. But it'll be extremely hard to bring a bedsheet in there. Or maybe not. Maybe I can do that. Or maybe I should wait for when they change the sheets. Is that bad etiquette? Throwing in blood-stained sheets into the communal sheet laundry thing? I'm not even sure if we have a communal sheet laundry thing. The handbook says that we do, every week, but today marks a week and I haven't heard anyone talk about a communal sheet laundry thing. Crap, I might have missed it.

2) Showers
Bring a bag with you. Preferably big and waterproof. Put in the clothes you're going to wear after showering. I was stupid and didn't bring a bag the first time, so I had to put my clothes on the floor, where they got wet. Or you can hang all your stuff on the curtain rack. I only put my towel there. oh god tyvm

3) Annoying your roommates
I don't think that my roommates are annoying, but I think I'm probably the most annoying roommate.

I'm always the last one to sleep. I stay on my computer after lights out, and after that I use my phone. Oh yeah, charge your phone every second you get the chance.

In addition to sleeping the latest, I wake up the earliest. I don't think waking up is much of a bother though, because my alarm is Renai Circulation music box ver, and they sleep through those alarms that go BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I sleep at 12~1 and wake up at 6:45 on weekdays, 8 on weekends. i am fucking screwed my current sleep sched is 4h-14h. as in 4am to 2pm. and i dont wake up for anything.
i need to fix this asap

4) Drinking Water
I'm one of those people who drink water 24/7, gets uncomfortable when mildly thirsty, and hasn't had yellow pee in a long time. i drink so much water when im just at home i have a giant water bottle and i fill it all the time


When I go to college, I'm buying a water dispenser. I don't care how expensive it is, I'm getting the best one that holds the most water. I thought that there would be water fountains in the dorms. There aren't. And the vending machine downstairs never has water, and it's like $1.50. There's just crappy water in the dining 
centers. I fill up my water bottle there.

Yesterday, I was super thirsty and desperate for water and went to the sink and filled up my water bottle. I'm still paranoid about drinking tap water, but my sister said that her teacher was talking about how the government spends a bunch of money to make tap water perfectly okay to drink. And when we cooked in Living Skills in middle school, we used tap water anyway. tap water is for sure okay to drink... i just hate the taste bc im a snotty princess!
i just realized this is one of the few posts you actually published (published to not ratio for you is like 1:4) and so i should have typed my comments with proper capitalization and stuff...

Yeah. Be prepaaaared.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

[MR] I may or not have forgotten about DDB (Summer Diary)

[omg waifu telepathy, I had a feeling you posted something and you did, a few minutes ago] <3
<3 So I'm a huge procrastinator, which comes as NO surprise to ANYONE lolll but one thing I always procrastinate on is DDB!!! Lol my problem is that I have a million drafts.
I use the excuse that I have nothing interesting to post about but really I'm just freakin lazy....

I swear I'll update more often~ sunmason :P

Uhhh so. Remember the Prom posts?
Absolutely nothing happened after that. We don't even talk anymore really. LOL but I guess I'll write another just to tell you what happened, why I was panicking, and why I don't care anymore. This is how I feel about posting stuff about campus life lol. It's too complicated and I don't even care anymore.

SUMMER HAS BEEN MEH. I haven't done anything productive in forever but I had some mini adventures!
All this stuff is SUPER old news but I just havent updated in that long!!

Jun 5: I watched TFIOS for Night Before the Stars with Ingrid. It was fucking amazing. I didn't cry... I did get all emotional but I just didn't cry cuz I'm me. Only time I watched it though, I don't really care to spend the money. Pah, once is enough. Especially if you watched Night Before the Stars.

Last day of school: Didn't do anything. Just felt like a lonely loser. Omg sameee except I enjoy being a lonely loser XD

Grad: Yeah I went to grad and it was boring and kinda sucked. Afterwards went to X-Men with the guys~ Ingrid didn't go. Tbh I'm glad when she doesn't cuz we always get stuck together. I actually spent more time with the guys, esp Ethan since it's really hard to talk to him irl LOL I am so confused about your love-hate relationship with Ethan. Also are we not using nicknames anymore XD I forgot. Not saying anything bad so

Sometime soon after grad: Watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 with the senpais (Is senpai a word that is still senpai when its plural if you're using it in an English weaboo way? in an English weaboo way, I guess?). I really liked it!! Almost as emotional as TFIOS haha My dorm flor is HTTYD themed~ Jessica got The Lion King ugh. WHAT PLEASE ELABORATE

June 25: I did absolutely nothing on my actual birthday. I stayed at home and rewatched Up. Tim said he wanted to drop by when he was driving home. I told him not to cuz he would be a bother but he did anyways so I got annoyed and refused to see him and made my mom tell him to go away. Aw XD
Later that night in the group chat, Raj sent a pic of my house. TOTES CREEPS RIGHT! So I look out my window and there they are on the street LOL. I went outside to talk with them for a while. It was like 10pm and they (Raj Kevin Ethan Sudhanvi Sameer) were apparently out for a late night walk and decided to come? I wish I was reborn as a guy and my house was near them so I could be part of that group sighhh. Plus there's this adorable stray cat that hangs around Raj's house. Kevin and Ethan took selfies with it (Ethan is like magical with pets). Why do I find it amusing that he's good with pets It's kind of hilarious
I'M 17. Haha I'm still sixteen going on seventeen doodoo doo doo doo dooooo I am 17 going on 18, I'll take care of you~~
That freaks me out so much because every time I get older I realize I'm older than my favorite story protagonists yet I haven't achieved anything I want to and I haven't even matured at all okay. :( *sighhhhh*
Oh but I'm a legal wizard and I can watch rated R movies now so (y) What really I thought you had to be 18

June 27: OMG Owl City's EP Ultraviolet came out and I kind of really love it? Also 5SOS's album was released in other countries and I torrented...
5 Seconds of Summer has been my latest obsession. I kind of have a huge thing for bands especially pop rock LOL I feel like 5SOS's style is right up my alley. They've also been like the latest craze recently, especially because all the members are 18/19, Australian, and pretty hot LOL. They've been compared to 1D a lot, esp bc they toured with them, but for the record 5SOS isn't a boyband because they play their own instruments. I just want that to be known bc I really respect bands LOL. Woahhh they're like our age. I don't think I'd like them though XD Nah but it's my style :P

June 28: BDAY PARTY~ Jules you were there. Basically it was all my friends being dumb and crazy. The highlight was definitely King's Game which you missed but it was ridiculous LOL. Since I know the only ship you're interested in is Homonya, he had to give me a piggy back ride and I took forever cuz I was scared and he got annoyed lolll. *fangirl squeaaaaaaaaaal* WHY DID I MISS THIS In other news, I was the top of a 3 person pyramid and had to reenact Cinderella with Ryan (WHY DID I MISS THIS TOO), but the best thing by far was the fact that a new ship has sailed: Raj and Tim. Mhm. It was beautiful. They got chosen together every time and it was ridiculous and beautiful XDDD. LOLLL it's fate XD
Also my friends are so nice and amazing and I kind of fell in love with everyone that day because everyone got me such nice presents and they're all just things I really really love. <3 <3

Beginning of July: Shit I legitly can't remember if I actually did anything??? What have I been doing all summer? I know I went on a walk with Ingrid a couple times... hmmm... Dude at least you went on walks. When I wasn't out, I would Nothing.

July 4: Usually everyone has parties but I'm a loner and I stayed home, but OMG tumblr is beautiful for the Fourth of July. Everyone suddenly becomes patriotic and comes up with some brilliant posts XDD Nooo I missed this too. I stopped going on tumblr so much in the summer. But I'm bored these days so I started going on again.

July 5: Went to Target with Ingrid, Marvin, Ethan, and Ryan, since Marvin came back for a few days (he's on vaykay for like all of summer). We just went around to be dumb and had dinner, it was kinda funny. We bought this dog toy for Raj's puppy. It's this alligator that makes this hilarious WEH sound when you squeeze it lololol. Also bought a bunch of mini clover pots and everyone is growing clovers, we're having a competition?? Only 1 of mine sprouted so I'm screwed. LOL clover growing competition?? It's okay, just talk to it and encourage it to grow and it'll grow faster and healthier XD

July 6: Ingrid n I secretly walked to Raj's house armed with sidewalk chalk, the dog toy, and the clover pot for Raj. We left the 2 presents on his porch swing and graffiti-ed his step like ninjas. Except not at all because apparently his mom saw us through the window and she was like wtf?? LOL we're lame! In the end Snowy played with the toy (Raj sent me a vid) and it was pretty funny cuz the sound it makes is hilarious. WEH Then we went to the park with Raj Ethan and Ryan and just talked. And me and Ingrid bought ice cream from the SKETCHIEST ICE CREAM GUY EVER. The ice cream sandwich we got was $3 (I feel like he made it cost $3 because I told Ingrid that was how much I had!) and it was kind of squished.... But whatever it was freakin hot that day.... Holy crap that is such a rip off. I bought a bottle of water for $1.75 the other day out of pure desperation for legit water
Afterwards I went swimming @ Carson's with the senpai(s). It was awkkk they tried to make me learn how to swim even though I could stand everywhere in the pool except at the very end. It was fun though!
Wearing a bikini is soooo embarrassing >~<" also I had to spend like forever putting on sunscreen but I missed a really weird spot and now my skin is flaking there LOL like who the heck remembers to put sunscreen behind their armpit? YOU WORE A BIKINI? Ha, that's why you wear a t-shirt like me XD THE ONLY ONE PIECES IN EXISTENCE NOWADAYS ARE IN THE MATERNITY SECTION HAHA NO JOKE!!

July 7: I walked to Safeway and back. Thats like 5 miles total. Gahhhh. I'm just really stupid, but I burned like 400 cals. Dude that's awesome. That's like. Two meals. Woah. That's like one ^^"
Oh did I mention I got a pedometer app called Argus? Apparently my basal is only like just over 1000 since I'm so underweight. Anyways the app tracks your steps, distance, calories, and some other fitness stuff I don't use since I'm.. not fit. LOL Why Argus? Wasn't he the Greek myth dude with a bunch of eyes all over his body? Dude your basal is 1000??? Mine's around 1300 I think. I did all the calculations a couple weeks ago. I told you im super underweight..

July 8: We planned a sunrise hike with everyone! Ingrid, Edric (her bro), Raj, Marvin, Ethan, and Luci (Ryan couldn't come and Kevin is at Cosmos for like the rest of July cuz hes a smartypants ((Cosmos is a super competitive math and sci program at UC Davis))). It was supposed to be a nice hike with a picnic at the summit as we watched the sunrise~
Except it failed horribly.
We were supposed to meet at the park at 5, except when the guys were on their way there, they got caught by a cop for breaking curfew (apparently curfew here is 30 min after dawn)! They got sent home and snuck back later, but omg I didn't know they actually enforced curfew here .-. Since the guys were gone and Luci was AWOL, me Ingrid n Edric had to get to the summit on our own. So we hopped the mini fence (it's only like at my chest but I couldn't get over Ingrid had to push me. I bruised my arm trying.) and made our way onto the trail. Except Ingrid didn't know the way and we got lost. Twice. I think we walked like an extra mile! LOL eventually Marvin found us and we went onto the real trail (apparently we missed it cuz it was dark and went on some tiny obscure trail even tho the right trail is like super wide and obvious) and we made our way to the summit and I was fucking tired. Wtf curfew exists?? Dang you guys went out hecka early...
We met the guys at the summit and just ate poptarts and stuff. I made cinnamon roll pound cake but no one ate it and tbh I'm kind of offended that cake is pretty damn good!! :x </3  SEND IT TO ME I'LL EAT IT
We got home at like 8 and I just crashed because my legs felt like jelly. The total was 4 miles I think, since we took the short way back then got a ride LOL *lazy*

Yeah that's how my summer's been. Not that interesting LOL sorry for totally rambling and wasting your time.
AND YOU? How's UCSD?? You really have to blog a lot dear, I want pics of campus life and stuff <3 <3
I think I'll post a summer anime update later because I'm otaku shit lolol :) Er, campus life. Basically I found out that I completely don't know how to socialize. Or do anything. Yeah. That's it :P GAH same! I'm scared because I'm spending a week on campus and I don't even have a Jessica to stick to. Tbh I'm scared of a) making friends and b) taking care of myself without being gross LOL is this a concern of other people like how do you shower and use the bathroom its weird if its not your house :x

P.S. I totally forgot the day I made macarons with Jessica! We used Ochikeron's Panda Macaron vid on YT, minus the panda part. They were pretty good?


Monday, June 16, 2014

[Jules] Summer Updates

I have nothing to do now.

Psych. After the final, I had an 89.48%. It's a long story, so basically she was really nice and excused me from Presentations Day 1 (which I was there for but I didn't clear the absence so I had a zero), and my grade went up to an A. Yayyy. Now I have straight As minus a C in math. My math grade isn't even a C+ lol. I did so bad on the final. But I didn't expect Lit to go up, and my Pysch and Korean grades were really really close to dropping, so I'm just glad I have As in my weighted classes. Anyway, enough of boring school talk. School is over.

ACT was meh. I think the test was easy this time, but I had to go poo really bad. I'm just glad it's over. I'M FREEEE. A little too free. No, I take that back. I love being free. But I decided I should actually be a little productive so I don't feel as bad about my summer as I did last year. Last year I just...I don't even remember. I think I discovered Popteen and fell in love with gyaru fashion. And I read almost all of Xiaxue's posts that aren't adverts.

So today was my first completely free day. And I was so bored. I made a Liz Lisa inspired bow scrunchie thing for my kinda productive thing of the day. Except I didn't have floral fabric, so I had to use this ivory one instead. It took four hours. I had to sew every little thing. Whatever, it's fun to sew anyway. And I was watching jvlogs while doing it. Jvlogs are so interesting. There's drama in the jvlogging community right now but I'm too lazy to read about it.

It doesn't look Liz Lisa-ish at all orz

Haha I just found this post a few days ago. It's from May 25, 2012. I made this:

These old ones are so bad. Hahahahaha. They were actually for Jessica M, because she needed two pink bows for her dance at Fanime. The big one looks especially bad. I used ribbon omg what was I thinking. Poor Jessica.
I was feeling meh about my scrunchie but after seeing this I feel so much better XD At least I improved. I think bow-making comes with practice. And patience. And willingness to sew instead of hot gluing everything.

Yeah, that's my summer so far. Later I'm going to get my baby teeth pulled. But I might just get one pulled, since Jessica H scared me by telling my that her sister's lower two canines never grew in. I don't think one of my teeth will grow in. The last time I did an x-ray, the root was still there. It's supposed to dissolve so it can fall out. That's terrifying, pulling a tooth with the root still in. I hope the dentist isn't dumb enough to pull it. I miss my old dentist. Ughhhh.


Sunday, June 08, 2014

[Jules] Freshman Bitchiness

Okay I know I'm supposed to be studying for finals and working on my notecard but I got distracted.

If you remember...actually, did I even tell you about this? Freshman year, I had a blog. Before this one. It was the crappiest blog ever. I was about to call it a typical crappy teenager blog, but even typical crappy teenager blogs are waaaaaay better than my crappy freshman one. I think I had a little over ten posts or something. Then it just died and I brought up the idea of blogging together with you, and you agreed, then I wanted to back out, but you insisted, and thank god you did.

Anyway, my crappy blog. Can I call it my clog? I'm just going to call it my clog. My clog was just a place where I ranted and blogged just for the sake of blogging, because some of my entries are really random. Random to the point of embarrassment. And my rants were TERRIBLE. I was so pretentious (okay I still am pretty pretentious but back then I was a million times more pretentious) and hypocritical and just AWFUL. I don't know why people even talked to me freshman year. Seriously. I was such a horrible blob of hate omg. Then when sophomore year started, I just cooled down. I don't know what happened. Actually, I probably do, but wow I was such a terrible human being. Like, all the characteristics I hate in people right now, I had back then.

I don't know why I'm writing this. I just saw my old clog and wow, I want to choke my freshman self. I was such a bitch. I manipulated people and just holy crap I am so sorry for all the people who had to experience that. ESFJs are known for manipulating people, and INFPs are supposed to know how to manipulate people but they don't use it for evil or something. I soooo used it for evil freshman year. And middle school. Maybe when we graduate, I'll write long apology letters to everyone.

Oh yeah, I didn't even mention that there was a huge drama freshman year. Yeah. Pretty much my whole freshman year was full of drama. I think. It was mostly my fault, too. Because I was so horrible.

I mostly forgot about everything that happened (because I repress bad memories), but I just remembered everything and yeah. I was probably a bitch to you, too.


(Lol I probably will write apology letters to everyone senior year. I feel so bad.)

Monday, June 02, 2014

[MR] PROM: The Ask

Previous: "Before"
Next: "The Event", "After"
Note: "Before" post uploaded just a short while ago below this!

This is by far the easiest post because its just straight up facts. It's also the most interesting to hear about I guess.

The thing about his ask is that it was the latest ask ever - which didn't matter since we were going to the event in the same group anyways, but still it caught me off guard. It was later than he intended since he got himself injured and was on crutches for like a week lollll.

The night before, Ingrid messaged me saying that she had to ask Mrs. K something, but was scared to ask since she didn't have Mrs. K, so she wanted me to go with her. Totally believed her because she did the same thing with another teacher before.

I was a bit late during lunch since art + slow walker + your locker or something, so Ingrid was already waiting for me at our usual spot and off we went to the classroom. Idek what we talked about...

When we got to the room Ingrid opened the door for me to walk in, and then BAM I saw a poster and I just froze and tried to process everything. Like all the seniors I knew that I was sorta (not close) friends with were standing in a circle around the door and then he pops out with roses.

The whole ordeal was amazingly awkward: He just said Here. I was looking at the floor cuz I was embarrassed. Isabel pushed him and then he hugged me. If you watch the video (which we didn't publish publicly to save everyone from secondhand embarrassment), it was just an awkward showdown between us.

The poster was really cute! It said: My <3 is Pusheen me to ask... Sonya I choose you. With a big drawing of Pusheen (I love Pusheen) and a pokeball. Originally the Pusheen was supposed to be the Pikachu version.
The roses were red since they tried but couldnt find any bloodorangeroses (my tumblr) LOL

Yeah idk. It was awkward. Afterwards, I was added to the group he made for planning. It was really funny. Isabel was the one who came up with the poster and they were trying to work out all the details and at first they didn't add Ingrid cuz they didn't trust her to keep the secret. But that's funny because Ingrid is actually a really good liar (which tbh makes me really insecure).

Afterwards, the picture on FB got like 150 likes, which is like normal for him or something cuz he averages like 70 on a prof pic and I get like 20 on anything. It was pretty annoying cuz it kept popping up.

Uhm. Basically. I don't know what else to say about this topic.
Afterwards, he leveled up his flirtiness a bit. Bitch said shit like "*huggles*".
I really just ignored it